Hey its our first blog post!

March 3rd was our first half day training camp.  It focused on the Jerk and consisted of a morning lecture on technique/biomechanics and an afternoon training session.

If you attended the camp and would like an electronic copy of the notes we provided, please email us and we will get you a copy!
Thank you to all the girls who came out and participated!  We had a blast putting this on and it was so rewarding to see PR's going up all over the place!

We even had a few 15 and 20 pound PR's - Incredible!

Thank you to all the coaching from Martha, Rachel, Jeane and Christine!  And a very special thank you to Dave at CrossFit North Van for letting us use his space!

3/4/2013 03:56:02 am

Nothing like learning and lifting with a great group of gals - thanks for the fun and informative morning - look forward to the next one , any way I can get a copy of the papers from the last get together you had in Victoria ?
P.S the shirts are great, so glad you went with muscle shirts -

Rachel - BCWAW
3/4/2013 09:04:55 am

Yes for sure! Send us an email and we can send you a copy of both :)


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