Wishing Christine All The Best!

We at BCWAW have exciting news about Christine Girard! She has decided to part paths with us and venture off on her own with seminars and classes.  This is a great opportunity for her to coach and for BCWA athletes to get regular quality Weightlifting training.

Check out her website or Facebook page for more info on dates/locations/prices!

BCWAW is committed to supporting the growth of Olympic Weightlifting for everyone across BC and Canada.  With both BCWAW and Girard hosting camps we will be able to reach a larger population and promote the sport in a recreational and competitive setting - this is what we are here for!

Reminder the BCWAW Snatch Camp May 26 is filling up fast!
Sign up here!!

Rachel and Martha
Hey Everyone!

Check out this link:


To see photos from the March 3rd Technical Jerk Camp!

Hey its our first blog post!

March 3rd was our first half day training camp.  It focused on the Jerk and consisted of a morning lecture on technique/biomechanics and an afternoon training session.

If you attended the camp and would like an electronic copy of the notes we provided, please email us and we will get you a copy!
Thank you to all the girls who came out and participated!  We had a blast putting this on and it was so rewarding to see PR's going up all over the place!

We even had a few 15 and 20 pound PR's - Incredible!

Thank you to all the coaching from Martha, Rachel, Jeane and Christine!  And a very special thank you to Dave at CrossFit North Van for letting us use his space!